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For 30 years, the PiLeJe group has been manufacturing and distributing micronutrition, phytonutrition and microbiotic strain-based solutions. The solutions developed by the PiLeJe group are prescribed or advised by health professionals on the basis of individualized advice.

As an industrial group with PiLeJe Industrie, PiLeJe designs and develops ingredients (microbiotic strains or plants) and specific galenics, based on plants, microbiotic strains or micronutrients. These solutions are developed in close collaboration with public research.

Key figures :

  • 700 employees on 5 sites in France
  • 318 product references available
  • Present in 43 countries including 8 subsidiaries

More information on PiLeJe Industrie:

At the end of the 1980s, Doctor Christian Leclerc was practicing general medicine in the countryside. During his visits, what was only an emerging thought became clear to him over time: most patients complain of functional disorders such as fatigue, irritability, transit problems...

Manifestations that traditional medicine, which treats the disease by prescribing drugs according to targeted indications, does not allow him to take care of as he would like. Around him, the same observation is made: his colleagues are often asked to solve functional problems without being able to propose an adequate solution. 

Little by little, Christian Leclerc's conviction grew stronger. In order to respond to the demands of his patients, another therapeutic framework must be considered. Surrounded by his colleagues, he considered all the disciplines capable of providing him with answers and it was nutrition that first inspired him to lay the foundations of a new discipline dedicated to preserving and maintaining health through the contribution of micronutrients: Micronutrition.

Micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, probiotics (...) have an impact on health. They do not cure but can correct, on a case by case basis, the imbalances of the body responsible for many functional disorders. This certainty, Christian Leclerc does not draw it only from his convictions.

Continuous research has highlighted the links between nutrition, health and prevention. Some of these studies are of particular interest to him: the functioning of the intestinal ecosystem and, in particular, the role played by certain bacteria in the intestinal flora or the influence of alpha linolenic acid (omega 3) on cardiovascular health. He notes that a micronutritional deficit, the phase preceding the deficiency, can have consequences on health, like the ferritin needs developed at the beginning of pregnancy.

Complementary to the previous ones, PiLeJe invests in 2012 the axis of medical nutrition. This area of nutritional support for overweight people uses the individualized behavioral nutrition method to enable patients to reach a weight that is more favorable to their health and to maintain it over the long term.
Using monitoring tools offered to general practitioners, this approach combines nutritional advice and behavioral coaching, taking into account that each person is unique with a personal metabolic profile and specific needs. Later on, PiLeJe will consider other medical nutrition issues such as undernutrition in the elderly and nutritional support for the chronically ill.

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