The Community of Intersectoral Belgium Healthcare (CIBH) is a platform that invites you to join a community dedicated to improving healthcare in Belgium by bringing together all stakeholders. By becoming a member of CIBH, you actively participate in the evolution of the Belgian healthcare system by fostering intersectoral collaboration and promoting innovation.

Our mission is to bring together players from diverse backgrounds, from healthcare professionals to policy-makers, to create a more integrated, efficient healthcare system focused on the needs of citizens. As a CIBH member, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects, share your knowledge and take part in discussions that are vital to the future of healthcare in Belgium.

Joining CIBH means being an agent of change, positively influencing healthcare policies and contributing to the improvement of healthcare for all Belgians. Together, we can build a stronger, fairer healthcare system. Join us at CIBH and be a driving force for change in healthcare in Belgium.

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