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Fooststraat 77a
1790 Affligem

VAT : BE0713913070

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Wambacq Liske
+32 473 65 51 35

Leloup Roxane
+32 477 60 77 85



Our goal is to uncover strong talent and fascinating opportunities and to provide development opportunities for job seekers.

Liske Wambacq and Roxane Leloup have created Nuwhï in 2018, as specialiazed recruitment agency in the Life Sciences Industry. We recruit sales, marketing, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, market access, quality affairs, drug safety, scientist and clinical research professionals.

Nuwhi offers permanents staffing solutions in a retained approach.
We supports life sciences comanies, aiming to hire the «best in class» professionals, by provinding access to a wide network of talented candidates. Nuwhï offers a professional and personalized service in recruitment, search & selection.
Finding the perfect fit for our customer is our main goal. We commit until a result has been delivered!

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The organization  consists of active members and associate members.

Can become active members:
all manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, aswell as importers and concessionaires of pharmaceutical products. Also any company that commercialize health products can become an active member. 

Can become associate members:
distributors and wholesalers of pharmaceutical products, media publishers and production companies for professional health care and more generally any company that can offer services to the pharmaceutical industry.

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