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A pioneer in the nutritherapy sector, the Bio-Life laboratory is a benchmark for laboratories producing and designing high quality natural food supplements.
Belgian, family-owned and eco-friendly, the Bio-Life laboratory manufactures a wide range of food supplements under the name BE-LIFE, distributed throughout Europe and based on a
holistic approach to individuals.

The highly absorbable BE-LIFE food supplements are created by our Research and Development department in collaboration with the scientific and medical world and in line with the history and tradition of each product. The ingredients are studied to avoid interfering with the metabolism, and allergenic substances are systematically avoided.

All of the raw materials used by the Bio-Life laboratory are selected and monitored to ensure a high concentration of active ingredients. In doing so, we can offer a wide range of products, such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, probiotics and plant extracts, among others.The plant extracts used, which are mostly organic and certified nanoparticle-free, make it possible to obtain a product with properties that are two to 25 times stronger than those of the original plants. BE-LIFE food supplements are uniquely absorbed by the human body, giving it all its natural energy.

As well, their eco-friendly, recyclable packaging protects the active ingredients from molecular migrations and are certified aluminium-free. Surrounded by nature, in the middle of a biotech research park, Bio-Life includes each of its products in a sustainability approach that puts humans at the forefront. This involves the selection of suppliers, with whom a privileged, trust-based relationship is established, while also keeping the entire production chain in Belgium at the laboratory. Lastly, Bio-Life strives every day to reduce its ecological footprint in a sustainable way.

“Since we borrow the best of nature to improve your well-being, we make sure to give a little back, every day.”

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