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Tour et Taxis - Avenue du Port 86C
Boite 204 B
1000 Bruxelles
Phone +32 (0) 24209316

VAT : BE0416616681

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Marie Lemaitre - Country Manager



Alfasigma is one of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in Italy, with a turnover in 2020 of approximately 1 billion euro. It's a private company with more than 75% owned by the family of the founder. The Alfasigma legacy is firmly anchored in a long lasting heritage of innovation and success, beginning in 1948 in Bologna (Italy) thanks to Marino Golinelli, the 101 years old philanthropist.

From the beginning Alfasigma has always pursued a twofold strategy:
– internally, a strong focus on Research & Development and Manufacturing around some proprietary
molecules, some of which represent more than 50% of the sales;
– externally, developing a robust strategy of mergers and acquisitions of other Italian and international companies (Sigma Tau, Pamlabs).
Currently Alfasigma has around 3.000 employees worldwide, 17 direct branches and – through top
distributors – its presence spreads over more than 70 countries.


Our purpose is a better health and a better quality of life for patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. Serving patients is our inspiration and we are passionate about improving their lives. Alfasigma has the ambition of becoming one of the leading specialty companies by 2025, taking care of patients around the world in therapeutic areas such as Gastroenterology and Vascular disease.

Our culture is based on three core values: Integrity, Tenacity and Passion, that inspire us in everything we do.

At the very center of our history stands PASSION.
Pharmaceuticals with Passion is our corporate payoff: that means that Alfasigma people have always been – and will always be – driven by passion in what they do.
Pharmaceuticals with Passion is aimed at the health of people.
Pharmaceuticals with Passion is working at our best and the reason why we do our job.
Pharmaceuticals with Passion is serving physicians, pharmacists, payors, patients and our people. This is how we serve, with our hearts and our heads. This is how we make a meaningful difference so that our patients can dream big and experience life to the fullest.

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