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X-Mas Drink - Economical review 2023


Flore De Sloover

Economist -Group International Economics - Research Department

Flore De Sloover, economist in the International Economics Group of the National Bank's Studies Department, will give an overview of how the economy has evolved over the past year, after a very turbulent 2022, and what the future looks like in economic terms according to expectations. She will discuss the trends and risks of interest to our sector and will also zoom in on the Belgian situation and the place of the pharmaceutical sector in it. In particular, she will highlight the following topics during her presentation: evolution of activity growth, inflation and inflation expectations, monetary policy responses (she's a central banker after all ?...), the state of the labor market, international trade trends and the evolution of companies' margins.



Michaël Van Droogenbroeck

VRT Journalist

Michaël Van Droogenbroeck has been a journalist for Het Journaal op één since 2005. Michaël stands out for his calm, thoughtful style and thorough knowledge of the subject matter. Making a difficult subject matter understandable and comprehensible is one of his strong points.

For years, Michaël Van Droogenbroeck has been the authority on television when it comes to money and economics. He is a much sought-after speaker on economics and entrepreneurship, presenter and moderator of debates and panel discussions.

He recently published three books on investing: 'Investing in the first half of your life', 'Investing in the second half of your life' and 'Investing in the third half of your life'. 

The knowledge and expertise on these topics are brought together in a keynote that is constantly updated and updated: 


The classic savings book has been a loss leader for years. With historically low interest rates, savings do not bring a return. 

Why is that? What does the European Central Bank want to achieve with it? And why, despite this extremely low minimum interest rate, is there more money than ever in our savings books? Are there alternatives? And what are the risks? How can you invest in stocks and what should you look out for? Are real estate, gold or paintings an alternative?


Fredéric Dufour

Business Development Lead

Datatopia, the brainchild of an experienced pharmacist, presents a revolution in the use of data for the pharmaceutical world at CIBH. Our goal is to redefine the way the healthcare sector perceives and addresses its unique challenges. 

Our specialized platform, designed for pharmacies, now extends to wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies, integrating diversified data sources and cutting-edge technologies. Join us to explore how Datatopia can transform your understanding and interaction with the pharmaceutical landscape.

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