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Trends 2024 in Pharmacy



David Syr - Directeur Général adjoint GERS DATA

GERS Data, our French subsidiary for healthcare data, is a key player in this market. Its unique data-gathering system covers the entire distribution circuit, both in towns and hospitals, as well as all healthcare professionals. GERS Data provides real-time purchasing, stock and sales data, market and consumption monitoring, ad hoc market studies and fully anonymized real-life patient observatory data (THIN), in the interests of public health and to meet the needs of all players in the healthcare ecosystem. Thanks to the robustness and accuracy of its data, GERS Data is a recognized and referenced player among health authorities, trade associations and researchers.

Topic: resynchronizing business relationships, the pharmacy network revolution is here.

Access to care, sustained growth in healthcare expenditure, inflation, declining purchasing power, attrition from territorial coverage, the difficulty of encouraging new generations to study pharmacy, the arrival of new missions, the concentration of groups and wholesalers, pharmacy is living its revolution. The big bang is underway.

GERS DATA's look at a turbulent yet optimistic economy.


CEO Hygie 31 group (Pharmacie/Parapharmacie Lafayette)

Lafayette pharmacies in France are a well-established chain offering a complete range of pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. Founded in 1912 in Lyon, they have since expanded across the country, with branches in various urban and rural areas. Committed to quality and safety, they comply with strict regulatory standards and offer professional advice. Their mission is to ensure the health and well-being of their customers by providing superior products and services. Always at the forefront of innovation, they invest in new technologies and modern services. As an integral part of the community, they actively participate in public health initiatives and local events. In short, Lafayette pharmacies are key players in health and well-being in France, combining pharmaceutical expertise, quality products, community involvement and a mission focused on health.


Bruno Liesse - CIBH Consultant

Bruno Liesse - CIBH Consultant

The CIBH innovates with a new local survey among Belgians about health topics.

The project is based on a sample of 1000 interviews of 21 to 70 years, representative of the population and is conducted by a recognized research agency (AQ Rate).

The fieldwork takes place from this month of April and will deliver us with its first outcomes end of May. Also the conference of June 2nd will be subject to a dedicated speech of the key results.

The content is made of a range of specific focuses : the problematics lived by people today, their main consumption behaviour evolution, the worryings about the health topics, the role of each information and advice sources, the way people can get medication (distribution) in the future.

After a first presentation to the CIBH members, the perspective is get some amplification via the Belgian media beyond.

Guest Speaker from the US

Guest Speaker from the US

Topics: How digitalization is transformting the US retail Market: the rise of retail Media Network.

Discover how digitalization is reshaping the US retail landscape with the advent of Retail Media Networks. Dive into a realm where consumer data fuels targeted advertising, creating a hyper-personalized shopping experience. Uncover the health-focused implications as retailers leverage these networks to tailor offerings, promoting wellness products and services. Experience the seamless integration of digital technologies providing accurate health information, fostering transparency and consumer trust. Embark on a journey where retailers redefine interactions, ushering in a new era of health promotion and well-being.

Sponsors - DSB Communication - Hanff - Livlina - Beevr

Sponsors - DSB Communication - Hanff - Livlina - Beevr

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