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Patient centric approach through customer journey


Jean-Charles FIGONI


Subject :

How To create a Connected Pharma retail experience and how digital solution play a major role in delivering on customer expectation ?

Who is Jean-Charles Figoni?

  • Co-Founder & CEOCo-Founder & CEO

iDKLIC a STRATACACHE company · Temps partieliDKLIC a STRATACACHE company · Temps partielmars 2006 - aujourd'hui · 16 ans 3 moismars 2006 - aujourd'hui · 16 ans 3 moisBrussels Area, BelgiumBrussels Area, Belgium

  • iDklic is a digital omni channel solution provider specialized in retail pharmacy.

    • We are assisting brands and retailers in developing and designing connected POS environments to revolutionize the customer experience !

      Our goal is to create engaging 360° digital customer experience and modernize the pharmacy retail industry with our digital and cutting edge technologies.

      With our roots in the heart of Europe, iDklic accompanies everyday more than 1,250 pharmacies and healthcare professionals across Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and France.

      We have more than 13 years of experience in the retail pharmacy sector, we've seen the health and wellness industry undergoing significant change. The pharma industry is under increasing financial strain, and that's where we come in by providing solutions to these problems.

      iDklic aspires on delivering creative and emotionally engaging experiences with a clear sense of purpose in the pharmacy retail for healthcare professionals and patients.

Prof. Claude Boffa

Professeur Honoraire de l’Université , Sales and Distribution Management, Solvay Brussels School

Subject: The point of sale optimization (average basket, margin, supplier)

Who is Prof. Claude Boffa?

  • Depuis 1992: Administrateur-associé et fondateur de Coach Europe s.a., société de conseil et de formation en stratégie et marketing et, à ce titre, consultant pour de nombreuses missions d'études en marketing stratégique et opérationnel ainsi qu'en marketing des entreprises publiques.
  • Depuis 1992 : Maître de Conférences à la Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, ULB à Bruxelles et au Vietnam ainsi qu'à l'ICHEC Bruxelles.
  • Professeur Honoraire en Retail and Distribution Management à l'Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Past-President de la Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management Alumni (Union des Ingénieurs Commerciaux Solvay)

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