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The mission of CIBH is to build bridges between decisionmakers
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BluePoint Brussels
Bd Auguste Reyers 80,
1030 Brussels

14h30 : Welcome drink
15h00 : Congress
17h30 : Networking drink and Walking Dinner
19h15 - 21h00 : Congress

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How will DIGITAL transform HEALTHCARE?

Thierry Jourquin/ Joris De Roover / Bruno Liesse / Thierry Geerts - Supported by Roularta Healthcare


Thierry Jourquin

co-founder of XRintelligence , member of the board of Stereopsia Europe and member of the steering group of XRehab.

How Will the Metaverse Transform Healthcare?

Find out how immersive innovations can help patients, doctors and pharmacists improve health outcomes.

Thierry Jourquin, co-founder of XRintelligence , member of the board of  Stereopsia Europe and member of the steering group of XRehab.

XRehab aims to facilitate the integration of XR applications in rehabilitation by creating a network of health professionals and XR companies and stimulating the adoption/co-design of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based rehabilitation tools.



Joris De Roover

Country Manager Newpharma

Bringing the Metaverse promise to life

The journey of Newpharma going from a vague concept to a real customer experience.


As a digital-first pharmacy we want to bring health closer our customers on a day-to-day basis. In this regard we are on the lookout for new technologies that can support this digital health, but we need to keep our customer promise to have it easily accessible for everyone. This is a tradeoff we must make keeping into account that technologies and consumers are constantly evolving. For the creation of our newest application “Relaxation by Newpharma” we will show just how we did this taking the technologies supporting  “the metaverse” and bringing that to our target audience in an easily accessible way.



Virtual Xperience through Oculus Quest Immersion, brought by XRintelligence

This event is support by Roularta Healthcare


Bruno Liesse

Managing Director- Polaris

"Medications and health care products in the broadest sense are among the categories impacted by the crisis in purchasing power, even if this may be surprising and worrying. This is an opportunity for the patient-consumer to question his habits - rightly or wrongly. In this regard, how are the roles of pharmacists and physicians changing? And according to the types of drugs or food supplements concerned. What new services are expected from pharmacies? And on the other hand, what changes can be expected in the prescription and distribution of medication, given the possibilities of the Internet? The answers based on a reliable quantitative survey: the CIBH trend barometer to be implemented in 2021."

Thierry Geerts

CEO Google Benelux

"How digitalization makes us more human" OR "How to reinvent healthcare"

Digital applications simplify our lives, save time on our day, find information, stay healthy, but most of all stay in touch with our loved ones despite the pandemic or if they live thousands of miles away. In short, all of these things are fundamentally... human!

The changes we are experiencing with digitalization are particularly important, technologically, humanly and socially, so much so that we ourselves have evolved into what you might call a new human species: homo digitalis.

Homo sapiens is no more, long live homo digitalis!

Homo Sapiens feared the mammoth, then the train or electricity. Today, we are afraid of digitization, AI or the impact of social networks. But technology itself is neutral, we don't have to fear it. What we need to do is what we did with technology in the past: overcome our fears and embrace innovation. Take control of technology, inform ourselves, learn and experiment with it. Mastering its risks and shortcomings, so that we can benefit from all its advantages.


One of the areas where this digitalization will have the most impact is in health care. It allows us to better manage our bodies, improve diagnoses, personalize medication and make care accessible to all at a lower cost. This will allow us to move (finally) from curative medicine to preventive medicine and also to care for our well-being.

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