CIBH - Community of Intersectoral Belgian Healthcare

The mission of CIBH is to build bridges between decisionmakers
within the pharmaceutical industry and service providers in healthcare!



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1301 Wavre
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Will Pharma is passionate about healthcare in the Benelux. We work with a variety of partners to improve patient well-being. The patient is at the center of everything we do, and we are dedicated to patient satisfaction and continuous improvement. 

We offer quality products and services for the local market. We offer prescription drugs and consumer healthcare products. Our goal is to improve patients' quality of life.

Will Pharma's values are passion, entrepreneurship, quality, respect and success.

At Will Pharma, we are constantly striving to improve and develop the field of wellness. To achieve this, we bring together people who are equally passionate about healthcare, as part of a dynamic, high-performance team. We offer quality products and services for the local market. We offer prescription drugs and consumer products. This makes us more than just a pharmaceutical company. We are a healthcare organization.

Like a family, we work together and bond. We share our knowledge and experiences, and celebrate our achievements together. While we each focus on our own strengths, by joining forces we also improve care. We focus on people's well-being, and we dare to trust our partners. That's why our customers can count on us.

Our priority is to improve healthcare and the quality of life of our patients. And improvement always starts with honesty. You can count on us for that.


Become a member

The organization  consists of active members and associate members.

Can become active members:
all manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, aswell as importers and concessionaires of pharmaceutical products. Also any company that commercialize health products can become an active member. 

Can become associate members:
distributors and wholesalers of pharmaceutical products, media publishers and production companies for professional health care and more generally any company that can offer services to the pharmaceutical industry.

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