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Vitanutrics is a Belgian company founded in 2012 and specialized in the development and distribution of food supplements.
Our team works daily in close collaboration with health professionals. 

The founders of Vitanutrics, Christian De Moortel and Ludovic Rondini, have a common vision of health: the preservation of health capital. Behind the foundation of Vitanutrics lies the main ambition to meet the specific health needs of everyone.



Over the past decade, knowledge in nutrition and micronutrition has progressed enormously. Major advances have been made on the understanding of the microbiota, nutrigenomics, epigenetics, the link between nutrients ...

But also on the functioning of the cell, the development of metabolic disorders...

This is why it is important for us that the composition and dosages of our natural health solutions reflect these scientific discoveries.


All too often, the calculation of nutritional intake is based on quantitative rather than qualitative criteria. However, not all forms of nutrients are equal: some are better absorbed than others, some are more easily eliminated.

Consequently, it is the consideration of these criteria that allows us to guarantee maximum effectiveness of the formulas and perfect tolerance of the compounds.


Going hand in hand with safety, a dietary supplement will be effective because it provides a lasting solution for the user and for the health professionals who advise it.

All of this requires well-dosed formulas that are easy to take (reduced intake, film-coated tablets, liquid form). All of this with the aim of optimal compliance.


It is not only a question of creating good products to satisfy users. The health professionals who advise them must also be trained and informed about the nutritional and physiological effects of the proposed solutions. This is why we pay special attention to ongoing training on the composition and use of our products. 

Our employees, trained in micronutrition, continue to follow regular training courses in order to perfect their knowledge in various fields, such as phytotherapy or physiology.


For us, proximity means listening to our customers. Available from Monday to Friday, our qualified team is happy to answer your questions or requests. Our employees have a perfect knowledge of our products.

We are a team on a human scale, which is why we favour the establishment of a relationship of trust with our suppliers, our employees and our customers.


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