CIBH - Community of Intersectoral Belgian Healthcare

The mission of CIBH is to build bridges between decisionmakers
within the pharmaceutical industry and service providers in healthcare!



Membres adhérents

1190 Bruxelles
Phone 0475 824 167

VAT : BE 0671 515 855

Contact(s) :

Marc Puissant - CEO


Tél: +32 476 30 30 30


Sébastien Colin- Head of sales


Tél: +32 475 82 41 67



Concept for advertisers
Observation at the pharmacy level:

  • Many totems, displays, posters
  • Presence of competitors in the same window
  • Coordination by the delegate
  • Important production costs but :
  • Installation rate not guaranteed
  • Duration of action not guaranteed
  • Real possibility to improve ROI for the laboratories

PharmAction's proposal
Organization and coordination of your visibility campaigns in pharmacies in order to optimize :

  • the visibility and duration of the action
  • the number of participating pharmacies
  • the time of your sales representatives in the pharmacies: their role is not to place the equipment or sell your products.

Partner pharmacists +- 500 pharmacies
Commitments of the network

  • Maintains the visuals in the window for a minimum of 4 weeks
  • Do not promote a competitor in the window during this period
  • Guarantees exclusivity in the space made available
  • Provision of a counter space
  • Modus operandi
  • Pharmaction works closely with the pharmacy network and provides it with a series of information beforehand
  • Sending a confirmation of participation
  • Sending general information about the campaign (products, advertising campaign, etc.)
  • Communication on the type of visuals used
  • Communication of the dates of the merchandiser's visit

Our team

  • 100% at your service
  • Pharmaction's team is based on a partnership between IdKlic (digital communication in pharmacies) and Profield (merchandising), two companies that have been active in pharmacies for many years.
  • the field team (15 experienced merchandisers) has established privileged relationships with pharmacists: a relationship of trust and proximity


Become a member

The organization  consists of active members and associate members.

Can become active members:
all manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, aswell as importers and concessionaires of pharmaceutical products. Also any company that commercialize health products can become an active member. 

Can become associate members:
distributors and wholesalers of pharmaceutical products, media publishers and production companies for professional health care and more generally any company that can offer services to the pharmaceutical industry.

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