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Antonio Vivaldistraat 150
1083 HP Amsterdam (Nederland)
Phone +31 (0)20 567 09 00

VAT : BE0403077461



Norgine is a leading European specialist pharmaceutical company that has been bringing transformative products to patients for over a century.

Our commitment to transforming people's lives drives everything we do and our European experience, fully integrated infrastructure and exceptional partnership approach enables us to quickly apply creative solutions to bring life-changing products to patients that they may not otherwise be able to access.

Norgine is proud to have helped 22 million patients around the world in 2020 and generated €448 million in net product sales, a growth of 7% over 2019.


“Our vision is to ensure that we bring transformative products to Europe that add value and benefits to healthcare systems and patients.”


At Norgine, we are dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products that deliver value and improve patient lives. This is at the heart of our responsibility to patients, healthcare systems and society.

We are committed to professional practice and embrace ethical conduct and transparency in all of our activities. Effectively this means striving to achieve superior performance in all areas of our business and in our relationships with employees, patients, healthcare professionals, hospitals, payers, governments, business partners, competitors and all those with whom we interact on a daily basis.

As One Norgine, we share responsibility for upholding the Norgine Business Code which reflects the basic principles of respect, fairness and integrity that we have embodied for the past century.

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distributors and wholesalers of pharmaceutical products, media publishers and production companies for professional health care and more generally any company that can offer services to the pharmaceutical industry.

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