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Edward Vlietinckstraat 20
8400 Oostende
Phone 0032 59 29 50 30

VAT : BE 0881.352.886



Metagenics, the leading producer and distributor of high-grade micronutrition, is a globally active group with sites in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, France and Canada, and dealers in dozens of countries.

As an international group, at Metagenics we make ourselves stronger by pooling our knowledge, scientific insights and experience in various markets.

This global exchange secures Metagenics a leading role in the high-grade micronutrition sector.

Metagenics Europe is the European branch of Metagenics Inc. in the United States. Metagenics Belgium, Metagenics Netherlands, Metagenics Italy and Bionutrics (France) are direct subsidiaries of Metagenics Europe. Metagenics Europe services and coordinates the whole European market out of its head office in Ostend. This is also the location of the production company. More than 90% of the micronutrition for Europe is produced there.

Metagenics Europe employs 347 people in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy. Metagenics Europe posted total turnover of more than 79 million euros in 2020.


Our vision

United by our goal, our aim is to:

  • Incorporate micronutrition into daily health care

    We are convinced that health care and medical treatment must go further than simply fighting symptoms of illness. By diving deeper into the causes of poor health and tackling them properly, health professionals can truly help people life healthier, happier lives. This demands a personalised approach centred on the whole person and her (or his) social environment. And here, diet, specifically the micronutrition aspects, is key to successful treatment. That's why micronutrition must be part of the health professional's basic repertoire.


  • Being the preferred partner of care providers

    We want to be a reliable partner for health professionals, based on our evidence-based approach and products and concepts that are underpinned by hard science. You can count on us.


  • Rising to challenges with a sense of pleasure and excitement

    We have a deep-rooted belief in our approach and we want to express our conviction and enthusiasm in how we work and in our contacts with customers and others. We believe we can convey our conviction to others in this way. You will always be met with a smile.

Our values

The following values are very important to Metagenics:

  • Integrity
    We do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. We are transparent and take responsibility for doing what we say.
  • Authenticity
    We have the courage to stay true to ourselves. We are self-aware, sincere and consistent in how we behave.
  • Respect
    We build trusting and enduring relationships, value teamwork and leave positive impacts. We actively listen and allow others to express themselves openly. diversity & inclusion We embrace diversity. By ensuring equity and engagement, everyone experiences belonging, opportunity and advancement.
  • Diversity & inclusion
    We embrace diversity. By ensuring equity and engagement, everyone experiences belonging, opportunity and advancement.
  • Health & happiness
    We strive to be our best selves. We are passionate about well-being and work life balance and enjoy celebrating our success.

Become a member

The organization  consists of active members and associate members.

Can become active members:
all manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, aswell as importers and concessionaires of pharmaceutical products. Also any company that commercialize health products can become an active member. 

Can become associate members:
distributors and wholesalers of pharmaceutical products, media publishers and production companies for professional health care and more generally any company that can offer services to the pharmaceutical industry.

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