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Goodlife Pharma SA/NV

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Rue Fran├žois Massart 27
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What we do
GOODLIFE Pharma: Your partner on the Belgian-Luxembourg pharmaceutical market.

The company GOODLIFE Pharma NV has been established in Belgium since January 2013. This Belgian company is a sister company of GOODLIFE BV, which has existed in the Netherlands since 2003.

GOODLIFE Pharma distributes in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg branded medicines, medical devices and nutritional supplements for gynecological applications (more specifically for infertility), for endocrinology and also for urology.

GOODLIFE Pharma is committed to innovation, which is why the company aims to provide simple, adapted and affordable solutions so that patients can feel good every day.

The name says it all: GOODLIFE's philosophy puts quality first, both in the products it sells and in its relationships with its employees, healthcare professionals and government agencies. The flexibility of its services is also crucial. The goal is to offer employees, partners and patients "a good life.

In addition, GOODLIFE Pharma offers new drugs and innovative treatments to gynecologists, endocrinologists and urologists, as is already happening in the Netherlands.

A small company with great ambition: GOODLIFE Pharma presents itself as a company that aims to fulfill the therapeutic needs of the medical profession and of patients.

Goodlife is strong in the areas of:

  • deco
  • Fertility
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  • Urology
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Endocrinology / Internal Medicine
We work closely with physicians, pharmacists and wholesalers within these therapy areas.

Goodlife is very flexible and agile, with the ambition to continuously develop and learn as an organization. This creates a positive mood and good energy, because we believe in what we do and keep getting better at it.

Goodlife has a strong and balanced product portfolio. In Belgium, we have an increasingly strong, growing network of healthcare professionals. This increases our knowledge and grows our range of pharmaceutical solutions for patients suffering from infertility, bladder problems and obesity.

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