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Besins Healthcare Benelux

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Laboratoires Besins specializes in the production and marketing of innovative therapies for gynecology and andrology. Throughout their history, they have been pioneers in the development of hormone therapy drugs. These include transdermal estradiol, micronized natural progesterone and transdermal testosterone.

The therapies offered by Laboratoires Besins cover a wide range of fields, from menopause and infertility to vaginal microbiota, endometriosis and testosterone deficiency, making Laboratoires Besins a recognized specialist in the urogenital sphere.


Chairman and CEO

As Chairman and CEO, I'm proud to represent the company founded by my great-grandfather Abel Besins in 1885. We are continuing his project, that of my grandfather and my father, as the Besins Group celebrates more than 135 years of existence in 2021. At Besins, we are all motivated by their legacy and the initiatives they took to transform a simple pharmacy in the heart of Paris into a truly global organization, present in over 100 countries.

Building on this heritage, my vision is to establish Laboratoires Besins as a leading partner in the service of gynecology, urology and andrology. Our passion and commitment to bringing new, innovative therapies to market ensures our laboratory's mission to meet the health needs of women and men throughout their lives.

Besins Laboratories will continue to grow through the introduction of new treatments, strong strategic partnerships around the world, relationships with physicians and patients, and dedicated teams at the service of our customers.

It is with enthusiasm and confidence that we embark on a new era of innovation for health and well-being.

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