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Barometer 2023

The CIBH Barometer Wave 3

June 2023 : « The pharma sector in transition »

Data sheet :

Online survey based on an independent panel representative of the connected population

Number of interviews
Age 21-70

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March 2023

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Main contents

After two measures that focused on trust (or not) in our sector and the rise of the web at different levels in consumer behavior, the new CIBH barometer confirms the rapid evolutions and growing doubts that need to be answered.

The reputation of laboratories and the perception of brands in different health-related categories are being challenged in a post-Covid period where crisis and insecurity persist. Health-related topics in all their forms continue to worry, and professionals are expected to communicate more and better.

The malaise is also economic and impacts on the purchasing power and behaviors of the patient-consumer: paying less or differently, or even limiting or cancelling his medication is a risk that has become very present. The roles of the Internet and pharmacies are in opposition or complement each other, depending on the situation, in terms of information, ordering and delivery of the various products and medicines concerned.

New needs are being felt, and Belgium is not ahead of the game in meeting these expectations. Moreover, parapharmacies are still adding to the deep revision of the historical model. A barometer that sheds light on the future in progress.