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The mission of CIBH is to build bridges between decisionmakers
within the pharmaceutical industry and service providers in healthcare!


Salons de Romree
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20h35 : Walking Dinner

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AG - What does the company car tax reform include? What are the solutions?


David De Backer

CEO- David De Backer - Tax advisor

David De Backer is tax consultant.  

He assists companies and their managers in optimizing their tax situation and assists them in their relations with the tax authorities. 

David has more than 20 years of experience in the practice of Belgian and international tax law. He worked for 10 years for Deloitte Tax Advice before setting up his own consultancy agency.

David De Backer is an experienced speaker at tax conferences and training seminars.



Joris SPIGT - Head of Group Mobility Solutions & My Way

During this presentation we will start with :
- A presentation of the D'Ieteren group with a focus on D'Ieteren Automotive and all mobility solutions (not only cars).
- A second part will be dedicated to the TCO and its evolution over time depending on the motorization.
- A third part on the electric vehicle, the anxiety of autonomy and some practical advice.
And finally we will discuss the practical solutions available to companies.

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Registration available until 13/02/2023